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Static converters

The frequency converters type CSF manufactured by INDAELTRAC S.R.L. are achieved with bipolar transistors with insulated gate (IGBT), a modern technology of high operating performances in the field of power electronic devices. These converters are designed for power ranges between 22 KW and 250 KW so that they should meet the requirements of the majority of general drivings with tri-phase nonsynchronous motors with short-circuit rotor and they should assure active couples sufficient for the whole frequency variation range.

The electric drivings with non-synchronous motors with short-circuit rotors including also the frequency converters type CSF are used in all applications that require the changing of the rotations per minute maintaining the maximum couple. Thus, the direct current motor is replaced because it is expensive and hard to be maintained.

  • The most applications where the non-synchronous motor driven by the frequency converters is used are as follows:
    • - energetic industry,
    • - extractive industry,
    • - pumping installations,
    • - air producing installations,
    • - machine tools,
    • - electric tractions,
    • - light industry
  • The advantages of non-synchronous motor driven by the static converters using are:
    • - high reliability,
    • - low price,
    • - easy and cheap maintenance,
    • - easy inbuilt in a scheme of setting, control and diagnosis.

The control for the rotations per minute setting can be done locally from the frontal panel of the frequency static converter or remotely, from a control cab.

The frequency static converters type CSF-22÷250K work inbuilt in an electric scheme adequate to their aim in the setting driving assembly where they are built.

The frequency static converters type CSF-22÷250K have implemented the algorithm for vector setting and they have a signal microprocessor with very big capacities of store and calculation speeds.

The frequency static converters type CSF-22÷250K have a hardware configuration of 16 opto-insulated numeric inputs, 12 analogical inputs, 1 optoinsulated tacho (encoder) input, 16 output signals PWM, 12 galvanic opto-insulated output signals (of which 4 outputs from the relay). The software configuration of inputs and outputs makes possible the achieving of diversified control structures, complex, destined separately to each type of application, according to the driving necessities required by the buyer.

  • INDAELTRAC S.R.L.makes static converters of powers between 22KW and 250KW destined for:
    • Driving of slewing device
    • The slewing device for mining equipment is driven by two/three non-synchronous motors with shortcircuit rotor supplied from a frequency static converter type CSF, thus being substituted the groups Ward-Leonard (motor-generator) and the dc motors.
    • Driving of travel device
    • The system of abzeter/excavator travel is driven by three/six non-synchronous motors with short-circuit rotor supplied from a frequency static converter type CSF. Thus, the classic driving system that implies the using of non-synchronous motors with wound rotor and starting resistance is used.
    • Driving of excavators belt carriers
    • The system of the belt carriers consists of two transporting belts driven by two non-synchronous motors with short-circuit rotor and two belt carriers driven by one non-synchronous motors with shortcircuit rotor. The starting of the motors for the belt carriers driving is achieved by two static converters type CSF with microcontroller, sequentially controlled by a programmable automaton.
    • Driving of pumps in water pumping system
    • Equipping of machineries in the steam power plants
    • Driving of water pumps
    • Driving of ventilators
    • Driving of drums