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IGBT chopper driving equipment for KT4D tram

Technical Data  
Type KT 4D
Rail gauge 1000 mm
Maximum speed 63Km/h
Acceleration 1,2m/s2
Deceleraton 1,4m/s2
Input voltage 600VDC(+20%;-30%)
Car body length 18.110 mm
Car body width 2.200 mm
Car body height 3.400 mm
Weight 20.500 Kg
Seating 39+1
Standing 85 (6 pers/m2)
Wheel diameter 700/610 mm
Gear ratio 7,36:1
Tractions motors 4 mot. tip TE 022 H
Caracteristics 40KW; 300VDC; 150A; 1650rpm
Traction control chopper cu IGBT
Type ECH-250K-750
Input voltage 750VDC(+20%;-30%)
Output 250KW
Construction modular
Maner of fiting instead of accelerator
Cooling forced ventilation
  • - IGBT-technology
  • - no jerks when starting and braking
  • - combined regenerative and reostatic brake
  • - driving signals: receivers for fibre optics
  • - protections: overvoltage, shortcircuit, overtemperature
Control unit with microcontroler
Type SCCH-24
Construction DE electronic plate plug-in unit
Cooling natural convection
Supply 24VDC (+/- 20%)
  • - diagnosis: failures and their storage display
  • - IGBT control signals: transmitter for fibre optic
Auxiliary power supply static converter
Type CST-12/750
Nominal output power 8KVA
Input voltage 750VDC(+20%;-30%)
Maximum output current 130ADC
Outputs voltage 3x380VAC / 50Hz
24-30VDC adjustable

After 1990 the transport administration of Romanian cities bought KT4D trams manufactured between 1970-1980.

The trams adaptation to the power supply of 750V which is the most used in Romania is difficult to be achieved and it is done with an additional energy consumption.

Therefore, is required the electronic equipment using both for the traction part and for the auxiliary power supply.

INDAELTRAC S.A offers choppers for the traction part by keeping the existing motors and the static converter for the auxiliary power supply by changing the traction motors ventilators.

The advantages of the chopper using on KT4D tram:

  • - energy saving of about 40%,
  • - minim expenses to introduce chopper in the circuit diagram,
  • - accelerator elimination as well as the elimination of a great part from the braking/starting resistors,
  • - using of the existing traction motors as well as their protection by chopper,
  • - improvement of transport ambience by avoiding the braking / starting jerks,
  • - increasing of contactors life by controlling the braking current,
  • - re-using of subassemblies as spare parts (contractors, resistors, etc).

The static converter assures the storage batteries charging as well as the whole DC consumption and it offers a 3x380 VAC threephase system that allows the supply of the traction motors ventilators.