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Indaeltrac offers a wide range of services tailored to the needs of its clients, providing practical solutions for activities such as design, consulting, technical support and production.

Technical Support

Indaeltrac provide technical support for the commissioning during warranty and post-warranty for products manufactured by us and for electronic products made by other manufacturers. In large projects, Indaeltrac offers support in the management of equipment ithat use of the latest technology and also to save energy or use alternative energy sources.


Indaeltrac offers design solutions for drive systems in industry and electric drive systems for electrical traction which includes both power electronics and circuits for measure, control and diagnosis. This segment of services molds to market requirements and the specifics of the beneficiary. The software, command blocks, diagnosis and digital controllers are executed specifically for any application with PLC and DSP. Performing systems for aquisition, transmission and storage of analog and digital products structure.


Indaeltrac provides consulting and technical solutions for solving energy problems, aiming at reducing consumption. Indaeltrac also offers advice for manufacturing, with minimal costs, and modernizing equipment and production technology. Last but not least, we offer consulting services for training the personnel of the beneficiary in order to gain the maximum for the equipment produced by Indaeltrac and the possibility of providing servicing for electronic equipment to which the beneficiary has no solutions.


Indaeltrac offers production and assembly on demand for various equipment, providing solutions for the production of power electronic equipment such as static converters for industrial applications, power plants, hydroelectric plants or surface mining and so on, applications for electrical traction for trams, trolleys, subway trains, as well as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for rail and other types of equipment.